3D environment & lighting artist
3D environment & lighting artist
Currently working at Quantic Dream as an environment and lighting artist

My name is Emilie Moulinié and I am currently working at Quantic Dream as an environment and lighting artist.

I studied at Supinfogame (France) for 3 years in Game Art and Management section, and just after my end-of-year internship as a 3D Environment artist intern at Cyanide Studio, I decided to join Quantic Dream as a lighting artist and encrease my skills in this peculiar field of environment art. 
Living for my passion and the will of reaching my goals, I will always work hard to make my dreams come true!

I’m deeply interested in environmental and more precisely in ambient art. I like to find the right tone and the specific atmosphere of a picture. My work and passion for such a media as photography and cinema inspire me to create environments, lights and composition to tell stories in my creations.
In order to diversify my professional experiences, I'm willing to take part in a AAA or AA game production and join ambitious but also huge human adventure !

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions !