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LUX – 2D Puzzle Game


An ActionScript3 puzzle game influenced by Auditorium and Cut the Rope.
The player has to bring the light back in the world by hilighting every flower, making them revive.
A joyfull casual game with an original soundtrack.

Lux is a game project made for the HitsPlayTime contest.

The player has to redirect a light ray in the level, using different items like bubble, bottle and more. The light ray can be split, reflected or refracted.
To reward the player, opening flowers emits piece of music. The more flowers are opened, the more music is completed.

Levels are composed of three canvas. This is the first level and his tree canvas.

And this is the layout of the three canvas, using two flowers and one of the items : the bubble. With the bubble you can redirect the light ray in one direction by turning it.

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Some example of flowers :


Here some backgrounds of different levels :
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And a mockup of a level :


The project is still in development, models and sets are ready, just programming remains to be done.