3D Environments

My first trial on Unreal Engine 4. I wanted to create atmospheric map, using modular assets and using different types of light and fog. Lighting & ambiance Modular environment For this map, I wanted to create only a few assets, that could be used in different ways to build different types of environment. I decided to draw my inspiration from North France's houses, with these typical colors and shapes. Modularity With only 10 assets, I was able to create many different combinations and easily build this neighbourhood.   Use grid system in 3DS Max Create units to build pieces together Bring variations in colors using the Material Editor Use Vertex painting for ground variations This project was the creation of a cel-shading environment including a strange cardboard temple lost in a high red wood. Other works Kylotonn Games Professional projects 2D works Miscellaneous Tiny Poncho Personal projects Close Call Game Projects
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