Project Tiny Poncho

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Jazzy Tigers Team

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« In a mysterious Incan world, help a little girl afraid of the light to escape from one level to the other, while constantly remaining in the shadow sets.”

Jazzy Tigers is the name of my team for the contest Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014 (composed of Nizar Avaiez, Jérôme Barbaray, Robin Tronchon and myself).

Together, we decided to create a sweet experience based on contrasts. The contrast between the thin and the strong, the tiny and the god sized, the light and the darkness.
This contrast will be used to create a strong link between the player and the avatar.

And so, we created Poncho. She is a little girl, who lost her sight because she dared to look at the God Snake.
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I’m the project manager of the team and also a game artist in the project.
My work, as a manager is to ensure communication between the different parts of the team.
Especially, ensuring cohesion between the artistic part and game design.

For the artistic part, I participated in the development of the artistic direction and did many researchs for characters and environments.
We decided to create a very colorfull and lively world, inspired by the incan aesthetic.
So, I create the 3D model, the texture and the animation of both characters, Poncho and the God Snake. I also made some objects for the sets.
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The development is still in progress.
The core gameplay is completed, we are now working more deeper on the artistic direction to improve rendering with the engine, Unity3D.

There are different artworks for the various environments (made by Jerôme Barbaray)[su_slider source= »media: 635,636,637″ link= »image » width= »1020″ height= »240″ title= »no » mousewheel= »no »]

Work in progress !

This is our proposal video for the national contest

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