High red woods

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HIGH RED WOODS – Unity 3D Environment

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This project was the creation of a cell shading environment including a strange cardboard temple lost in a high red wood.

My purpose was to create a special atmosphere with very simple shapes and different textures.
I wanted to emphasize the contrast between the tiny but mysterious temple, and the gigantic but really thin trees.
I also created a contrast between inside and outside the temple, between huge and warm nature, small and technologic indoor.

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I didn’t use a shader for the cell-shading effect, it’s a duplicated asset, colored in black, put above the textured one.
With this technique, I could add a shader and having this cell-shading effect.

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My work was focus more on the atmosphere of the scene and the way how colors can change.
For example, you begin in a incommodious woods, with branch which looks like claws, all these flooded in a strange and danse purple fog.
To guide you, there’s only a tiny light, attracting you in the fog …
When you have passed this haze, you discover an totally new atmosphere, warmer with beautiful colors.

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Modeling with 3ds max
Texturing in Photoshop
Level building in Unity 3D