Close Call

3D environment & lighting artist Lead, art direction, lighting, post process, modelisation, texturing, integration   This game is my final year student project, produced by an 8 people team. Close Call is a survival experience in space using Oculus Rift and made with Unreal Engine 4. In an uchronia of the Cold War, the player is put in the suit of an astronaut lost in a devastated Russian space station. He must escapes while deciding to follow or not an Artificial Intelligence that is carrying.     Ping Awards 2015 Nomination and pariticipation in Ping Awards 2015, best student game category.   On this project, I was in charge of global aspects of the artistic direction. So I modelised, texturised the majority of the environments. I was also in charge of the lighting of different scenes and the general visual aspect, mostly camera effects and post process.  environment art & interactive assets High and Low poly Modeling high and low, Hard Surface pipeline : 3DS Max  Details and some repetitive shapes : ZBrush  Baking and texturing Baking and outputs : XNormal or 3DS Max  Texturing and final outputs (masks and textures) : Quixel Suite  Retouches and map compiling : Photoshop Integration in Unreal Static mesh and texutres importation  […]
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