Tiny Poncho

Project manager, character & environment artist Modelisation, texturing, integration, lighting, post process, team and community management Tiny Poncho is a 3D puzzle game created by me and 5 other students, on our spare-time. You will have to help Poncho to escape from the sight of the gigantic God Snake. By just touching an aera, you will generate a sound wich will lead Poncho. You can also induce the whole cube to rotate in order to change the perspective and create new shadows for Poncho to hide into.        Nova Play 2014 Tiny Poncho received a special jury mention for the Novaplay 2014 contest (French video game contest).   FLIP 2014 Tiny Poncho was nominated to be presented at the festival and participate in the contest of young video game creators.   I LOVE TRANSMEDIA We were invited to expose our game for the exhibition I LOVE TRANSMEDIA. This event took place at the Gaïté Lyrique, in Paris, between the 2 and 7 October 2014. Evry games city 2014 Invited to expose our game in the independant area of the exhibition art direction I also participated in the creation of the artistic direction and the ambiance of different levels. I also did some modifications […]
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3D Sketches

Barber Chair Created with 3ds Max, ZBrush and Substance Painter. Rendered in Unreal Engine 4. Halo : Needler fan art Created with 3ds Max and Substance Painter. 
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