Project manager, character & environment artist

Modelisation, texturing, integration, lighting, post process, team and community management

Tiny Poncho is a 3D puzzle game created by me and 5 other students, on our spare-time.

You will have to help Poncho to escape from the sight of the gigantic God Snake. 
By just touching an aera, you will generate a sound wich will lead Poncho. You can also induce the whole cube to rotate in order to change the perspective and create new shadows for Poncho to hide into. 




art direction

I also participated in the creation of the artistic direction and the ambiance of different levels. I also did some modifications on camera effects and post process. I created some artworks for communication and did researches for some environmental objects, like Poncho's house.

Charadesign and animation

For this project, I designed and created the two characters of the game. I did some researches for the designs and I was in charge of 3D modeling, texturing and animation using 3DS Max.

Low poly modeling and texturing
  • Using 3DS Max for modeling and UVunwrapping
  • Using Photoshop for texturing
  • Skinning, rigging and animation with 3DS Max
  • Both using bones and biped model for animations
Integration in Unity 3D
  • Integration of both model and its animation
  • Texture importation and shader tweaking



Project manager

For this project I was also the project manager. During 9 months, I managed a 6 people team, ensured communication between game designers, programmers, sound designers and game artists, even when the team was splited around the world (between France, Norway and Singapore). 



Organised the team work defining deadlines, prioritizing game content, scheduling pipeline and sprints, following agile method.


Taking care of my team by being attentive to everyone's feedbacks and being receptive to their feelings, by insuring a good communication between game artists, game designers, programmers and sound designers.


Promoting the project via social networks and ensuring web presence. Using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Gamesprout and specialised forums.