3D environment artist // 4 month internship

Props artist, modelisation, texturing, integration

With more than 25 games released, Kylotonn Games has a solid reputation in the video game industry. Kylotonn is based in Paris and developed its in-house real-time 3D engine, the Kt Engine, and count around 50 employees.

From June 2014 to September 2014, I was part of a team of environmental artists. During 3 months, I worked on Syberia 3 and I was in charge of props making.

Our team worked with 3 others studios, Microïds/Anuman and Koalabs.



Props artist

high and low poly
  • Modeling high and low poly in 3DMax, following concepts.
  • Respect of some realistic furniture proprieties and the artistic direction of the game. 
Real material study
  • Research of a level of detail for textures like wood and metal
  • Research of details on geometry and wood furniture
Integration in Unity 3D
  • Integration pipeline in Unity 3D
  • Shader in tweaking with Marmoset Skyshop shaders
Organic objets
  • Orcanic sculpting for vegetables and skins,
    using ZBrush for high poly models.
  • Retopology with Topogun